I added the Verbally Disastrous blog clip to my YouTube page.  The Verbally Disastrous Podcast With Leslie & Melissa is now live on Spotify!  We have a Spotify trailer to announce who we are! Check out Season 1, Episode 1: Lot Lizard that is FREE on Spotify!  More episodes to come so stay tuned!


Leslie's Verbally Disastrous Podcast & #ConstructionTales Blog

Sharing my blog content on my Verbally Disastrous YouTube page

I am launching a podcast entitled, “Verbally Disastrous”, on Spotify with my very close friend Melissa. I intend on having other interesting guest on the program as well. I am learning how to navigate through this new podcast process- a technological challenge that I am powering through. I think I am getting better with the whole technology thing in the past five years. I don’t scream, cry, and thrash around as much as I used to in a rage of frustration while trying to figure things out. I thank the tech gods for YouTube tutorials! How the hell I managed life before YouTube is beyond me!?! My lifelong career has taught me to learn via watching others so tutorials are key.

I like to be creative and come up with humorous things. I had to survive in my career by…

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