My First Taste of Construction Life (Brief Clip-*Author’s Audio Read*)

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Originally Posted: Sunday, January 6, 2013

My First Taste of Construction Life (Brief Clip)

My first jobsite I stepped foot onto was a remodeling construction project for a major health insurance company.The company space was located in a high rise building in the heart ofdowntown White Plains, New York.My union called me up and directed me to report to work for my first electrical shop during the month of December, 1995.I was a first year electrician’s apprentice and considered ‘green’ by my peers.I was a young wife with a small one year old child when I had gotten the call for this jobsite.Four months before, I enrolled myself in college to pursue an associate’s degree in business.I had wanted to get a degree while pursuing my apprenticeship.

I would soon discover…

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