My Review Of “Don Lulu Presents Callin’ Shotz” On YouTube

Don Lulu Presents Callin’ Shotz on YouTube
Don Lulu Presents Callin’ Shotz on YouTube

Don Lulu Presents Callin Shotz on YouTube:

Don Lulu Presents Callin’ Shotz On YouTube

Hello Everyone!

I recently connected with the Don Lulu Twitter account and we mutually agreed to subscribe to each other’s YouTube and Twitter accounts. I mentioned that I have my (4) blogs, (1) audio version of the written blog, and my (1) Verbally Disastrous Podcast. I agreed to do this review. In my last podcast episode, I shouted out a few fellow podcasters that are also connected on Twitter. I recently created an audio file, posing as Mrs. Cannatuna complaining about some bad meat. I submitted it to the Piggly Dogg Podcast for a future episode. That episode is coming very soon. I shall share the episode as soon as I have been made aware of the episode’s release. It appears that the Don Lulu trio are relatively new with their launch of their YouTube platform. I counted 10 videos. Of the 10 videos, I opted to check out two videos where the group got together and discuss some hot topics. Here are the titles of the two videos I checked out, the description that was posted on the group’s YouTube channel (link up above), and the names of the podcasters on the YouTube channel.

First Video:
“Heated debate about treating your child better than your step child, & your wife wanting an onlyfans”

Second Video:
“Callin’ Shotz live on IG speaking about open marriage, girl on girl relationships & more.”

Don Lulu Presents Callin’ Shotz YouTube Description:

“Callin’ Sh🎱tz is a web series, hosted by Don LuLu, where he will be conducting interviews with special guests that are trying to break into the entertainment industry. We will have regular conversations discussing their work, what they have up & coming, & also their life story over a game of pool, game of cards, or video game (whichever they prefer). Also, we’ll have a live chef co host, Anthony Blair, where he’ll be preparing meals & discussing fashion tips. Based out of Alabama, Don LuLu created a web series/podcast called HalfBreedTv that focused on talent around the state of Alabama that was getting overlooked. Now, it has expanded to different states focusing on talent all around the country that feels like their talent is getting overlooked. Callin’ Sh🎱tz is the sequel of HalfBreedTv. You can follow him on Instagram @donlulu & our business page @callinshotz . Hope you guys enjoy & feel free to spread the word on who you think should be the next guest on
Callin’ Sh🎱tz”.

The stars of the Don Lulu Presents Callin’ Shotz team:

1.) Don Lulu
2.) Badd Taz (the lady)
3.) Chef Chuggs


Firstly, I must admit I had to focus in order to get past the southern accent. I had the volume up at the highest and struggled to pick up some phrases since they tend to speak fast at times. Over time, I got used to their accents. I gather, based upon the YouTube channel description, that the group is based out of Alabama. My other observation that, compared to the other teammates on the Zoom call, Chef Chuggs sound was very low. This was even more so true when he backed away from the screen. Either he needs to be aware to speak up, ensure that his volume is at max capacity, or invest in a microphone. The best investment on his end is a great microphone. Their intro was very professional. The screenshots of their intro, with all of them together, look really good. As a viewer, I got to quickly learn who the main players are of the podcast. The subtitles in the introduction helped me with this process. I really wish there were subtitles throughout the entire episode. I actually go through the process and put up subtitles on my YouTube videos to help with my international audience. I cannot assume that all of the audiences I wish to tap into can 100% effectively understand my message or my co-hosts. Everyone in their own screens are well dressed, looking very good, and with fun energy. I wish someone would have introduced the gentleman that came in the first video at 19:48 minutes in the video. However, I stand corrected that Chef Chuggs introduced Sean Robinson at 28:50 minutes into the video. I believe he should have been introduced immediately. This is my dose of constructive criticism based upon some of my struggles while listening to your content. I like Don Lulu’s energy bursts on the podcast. Chef Chuggs has that cool vibe and Badd Taz also has a chill vibe. I feel like I broke into a group of friend’s Zoom call and overhearing them just shooting the shit as if it is a private conversation. It didn’t sound forced or fake at all.

It is very clear that each person likes and respects each other. They let each other speak and work well with the cadence of all three speaking without talking over each other. Every once in awhile, you hear a little talking over each other since no podcast is perfect. The transitions from the intro where they chit chat to the topic was very quick. Each person holds a different position on the topic of dealing with another person’s kids. They go further down the rabbit hole with how a person treat’s their own kid vs the step kid. Chef Chuggs holds a very blunt position with stating he is going to like and treat his own seed better than the step kid. I value his honesty with how he approaches it. Badd Taz knows how she is so she shared that she tries to avoid dating people, men or women, who come to the relationship with kids already. I am riding with Don Lulu that you need to treat all kids equally if you choose to enter their lives. I chuckled when Chef Chuggs said he would get his kid’s 6 toys and the step kid(s) 3 toys. Kids are the innocent parties in these relationships and did not ask to be in the situation. Chef Chuggs asked who won the discussion and I am going with Don Lulu. However, I would not date a man with small kids. I would avoid the situation if he had more than 3 kids under the age of 10-years old. I became a mom at the age of 19-years old so I do not wish to continue that role of managing small children in my 40’s much less further into my 50’s. God bless anyone who steps up to roles like that. I also say God bless anyone who chooses to not accept that role since they do not believe that they would have the capacity to be 100% fair, impartial, and patient enough for that/those young soul(s).

I appreciate the Sean who came into the first video just in time to speak about whether or not they are comfortable with their wife going out dressing hot. He speaks well and articulates his thoughts clearly. He also sounds quite ambitious with quite a few different irons in the fire. The topic of a reality show’s husband getting stolen by a woman that was once considered a close friend was raised. Don Lulu believes that you cannot bring anybody and everybody around your spouse. I appreciate Chef Chugg’s opposing position on bringing people around his wife. If the person can steal his wife, then she is not for him. Spoken with confidence and great logic my friend! I agree that reality tv shows should be reviewed with great scrutiny as to the validity of their storylines. I am highly entertained by their system of going live on Instagram and if they have enough support on a topic, then the others must take a shot. In the next episode, the team talks about different types of relationships. I am saddened from the feedback from Badd Taz on her relationship with her girl. She often gets the most ridiculous questions, via her social media, from men who ask if they want more members into their relationship. She feels like her relationship is disrespected on a daily basis. I agree with that and I wish you will encounter more maturity with future interactions. I am sad for her that her relationship is still subjected, despite it being the year 2021, to such intense scrutiny. If someone wants to enter a polyamorous relationship, that is both their own risk and reward. All people from all walks of life should be free to do as they wish in the bedroom.

I think they should dive deeper into more on the topics, those that I checked out in these two episodes, and respectfully challenge each other with asking who? what? where? when? why? and how? The objective is to not evoke controversy. Instead, it is to drill into the root of the thinking on the position held. Since it is obvious that you all respect each other, I don’t think it would become some Jerry Springer style of a discussion. I am sure over time you all will go deeper into the topics. The guys respectfully drilled, in a way that I am suggesting, Badd Taz on her same sex relationship. I was amused by their rapid fire questions and how eloquently she fielded each of them. One of my closest friends is in a same sex relationship so I am aware of the dynamics. I had my own set of questions that I went ahead and asked her over time. The next topic that I was interested was on the topic of submission. The word sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. It is a topic I have brought up on my Verbally Disastrous Podcast. They brought up the topic of either the man or woman making more money and the dynamics that follow. As I said before, this group of folks cover quite a few topics per episode and bounce topics and ideas in a respectful manner. This is good considering the level of chaos that can come from differing views held on various topics. I did post a comment on the topic of a guy who is a video game marathoner on YouTube. I laughed when Don Lulu broke my chops on my comment. Of course I responded. 😛 I am not really into any many who spends a ton of hours on a game system. I do not blend well with anyone who is lazy anyways either.

Overall, I appreciated their content with hot topics while liking their respectful and chill dynamics. I didn’t peep the other videos that appear to be one various current events. I am leaving that open to the curious viewer to check out for themselves. I genuinely look forward to them branching out to podcast platforms. I shared with Don Lulu some tips on how to get a hosting platform, I use Anchor, in order to start spreading out content to many platforms. To get in on their Instagram lives, go find them at: _donlulu_ I appreciated the respect that they have for all parties involved. Each person is not afraid to share how they view even if it is an opposing view. Badd Taz fielded the many questions on her relationship with poise and grace. Now, I have some questions down below for the entire team to respond to as they wish. Once received, I can edit and share with the audience at a later date. Let me know if I should add a question to the list below?


1.) Why did you choose the “Callin’ Shotz” portion of your podcast name?
2.) How did everyone choose their show names?
3.) Are you all from Alabama?
4.) Where do you get your inspiration for your podcast episodes?
5.) What are the day jobs of everyone on the team? Go ahead and promote your businesses and I will share it for you.
6.) How do all of the co-hosts know each other?
7.) Name 3 key lessons, you have learned the hard way, while creating your podcast episodes?
8.) Name 3 screw-ups you had either prior to launching or while creating your podcast?
9.) Do you have a website/blog? How about social media? If so, share your link(s).
10) Do you have access to big names to interview?
11) What are the topics of your next few episodes you plan to release?
12) What is the name of your YouTube channel?
13) What is the ultimate goal of your podcast?
14) What does your friends and family members think about the podcast?
15) Who is your audience and where in the world are the majority of them from?

Well, let me know your thoughts about this podcast episode from the Don Lulu Presents Callin’ Shotz Podcast that is exclusively on YouTube? The best way you can do that is by dropping feedback in the comment section below. I would greatly appreciate it if you leave a comment that just shows some love! Lately, I have been writing advice while laying on my sheet in the sand while catching some sun. I still can’t believe that we are half way through the summer already. Make every day count and enjoy your free time with our loved ones. Therefore, have a fabulous Monday evening either solo or with friends and/or family. Enjoy your work week however you wish with your family and friends alike. Try to keep cool and safe today my friends! Peace out, Cub Scout!


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