Answering Why I Use Hashtags In My Blog And The San Desk Blog Review

Hello Everyone!

How is everyone today on this semi-chilly Monday!? Don’t forget to be on point with that damn Daylight Savings time change that just happened this past weekend! How was your recent weekend and how did you spend your time? If needed, hopefully you recharged your metaphorical batteries. If you needed some fun, hopefully you had an absolute blast. If you needed some romance from your partner or your side check (no judgement here :P), hopefully they swept you off your feet this weekend. Now I had a person comment recently on my blog. Therefore, I responded in the comment section and also releasing this blog post. I am giving a shout out to San from the blog entitled, I’m honored that San reached out and likes my blog content. Apparently, he either doesn’t like or merely questions my choice of having the many hashtags that I have at the very bottom of each of my blog posts. I know he is not the only one who mentioned my use of the hashtags. One must ask the question. What is a hashtag? Why am I even using them? It certainly makes sense that they serve a purpose. You would like to know exactly what is the purpose? Well, I shall share my logic and reasoning behind their presence in my blog. I thank San for asking me about the hashtags.

The hashtag was first brought to Twitter on August 23, 2007 by Chris Messina. Nowadays, hashtags have extended past the Twitter realm and onto the rest of the internet. Hashtags are very powerful for syncing up your data with similar content. You have limited characters when you are trying to use Twitter to convey a tweet. For shortened URLs or ambiguous tweets, adding a hashtag can immediately provide context for other users, without affecting the content of the tweet itself. Chris proposed the use of hashtags as “meta-data” back when he created them. If your post is about a topic, but doesn’t reference it specifically, users who monitor that particular topic’s keyword or common hashtags may miss your tweet. Adding a hashtag to the end of your post can slot your tweet into those streams so it doesn’t get missed. In other words, the hashtag helps you get in on a conversation you may have missed by linking your conversation with the same shared hashtag. Hashtags are collected and that is how Twitter knows what is trending based upon grouped content. When a person goes to search and check out what is trending on Twitter, your comment that contributes the discussion will be searchable and added to the global conversation. On the other hand, if you use more than two hashtags on a tweet, it can create confusion on Twitter. However, on the rest of the internet, it is fair game. In summary, hashtags link my content with the content that I desire to pair up with on the internet. Over the years, I have created multiple pages of content that links to either my name or my projects when a person does a search.

As I have shared many times before, I am the author of the book entitled, Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman’s Journey To Become An Electrician. This book is the first volume of a series that covers my career as a journeywoman electrician in New York that was released back in 2013. I learned very early on to have a social media presence on all available platforms. The title is very long and can cause a person’s eyes to glaze over. When I discovered the hashtag, I worked to always tie in the hashtag #ConstructionTales to the book’s title and content related to it. Therefore, I can just offer the #ConstructionTales hashtag and you can find all content on the internet that is tied to the book. I initially worked to promote the book, via using The Combined Book Exhibit and at various book fairs around the globe. I would remind myself in my calendar as to when the book fair was in progress. During the dates of the book fair, I would work to promote my #ConstructionTales book trailer and pair up my hashtag with the official hashtag of that particular book fair. My book trailer is my featured video on The Verbally Disastrous YouTube channel for when visitors check out my YouTube channel. At the time, I didn’t know how to make a video so it was a valuable marketing tool for me. This is especially true when you only have a few seconds to get a person’s attention. The book trailer was created and released for Book Expo America that was held at The Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, New York City back in May of 2015. I was able to get tickets to the book expo and see my video on a constant rotation loop, via the Combined Book Exhibit at the New Author’s Showcase. It was super exciting for me and I was very happy to see it on display in person. Here is my book trailer that was created for book fairs, courtesy of The Combined Book Exhibit.

Construction Tales Book Trailer On The Verbally Disastrous YouTube Channel:

Photo Credit: Twitter Traffic For A Book Fair

While in the midst of promoting for the book fair that was held in San Francisco, I was randomly contacted by a person who is very familiar with Twitter traffic. I didn’t probe further on his role in tech. I just graciously accepted his compliments and snapshot of Twitter traffic that I was involved in. Being an unknown author in a sea of content on the internet feels overwhelming. Trying to make your content known is like a needle in a haystack. I had learned that I was overpromoting to the point that I was actually pissing off some book fair attendants. Now that certainly was not my intended goal. Therefore, I had to take my foot off the marketing metaphorical gas pedal. I apologized on Twitter and backed off my marketing for the remainder of the book fair. The gentleman that direct messaged me on Twitter also shared the (shown above) photo with me. The photo is a visual representation of the Twitter traffic for that particular book fair. He asked me if I realized what I have been doing with my marketing? I responded that I had a goal to slightly abuse the book fair hashtag with my own hashtag in hopes of a few people seeing it. He told me that it more than worked in my favor and that I was a marketing guru. He showed me that my ritualistic coupling of the hashtags caused many people, via book fair Twitter traffic, to be directed to my content. If you look in the above photo, you will see my name “Leslie M. Jasper” in purple in the lower right hand side. My name is intertwined with the Twitter traffic for the “ALAAnnual” book fair. I was highly pleased to see a physical representation of what my marketing had accomplished!

Now this is the part where I answer the burning question. Many of the hashtags are general ones for a basic search. Plenty of the hashtags represent any and all book fairs that are held around the globe for the year 2021. Once the year 2022 comes around, I will update my hashtags to reflect the new year. Now, you know exactly why I have the hashtags at the bottom of each of my posts. As far as I am concerned, they do not interfere with my blog content since they are at the end of the post. If anyone asks in the future, they will be referred to this blog post. If you want to use the hashtags for your own blog, by all means grab them. A cool shout out letting me know that you are using them is sufficient and appreciated I hope my response fully satisfies the curious folks about my hashtags. What I need to do is go find podcast fairs, remind myself in my calendar, and then promote my podcast content prior to the event and during the venue. Because of Covid-19, I fell back on promoting during book fairs on Twitter. I need to get back into the swing of things now that venues are opening back up in a more consistent basis.

I’d absolutely love to attend the London Book Fair and/or the book fair that is held in Germany. At some point, I will try to get to at least one of them. Since San respectfully posed the hashtag question and asked me to review his content, I will review his blog and write out my thoughts on my discoveries on his blog. Hopefully, he will share my content in return and tag me so that I may see that he honored the verbal cross promoting agreement. If not, that will be as far as I go with promoting his content. The offer extends to other bloggers as well. I am a fan of supporting each others work through cross promotion. I clicked the ‘blog’ tab on the in order to review content and look for some insight on the poet responsible for the content. Firstly, let’s share the link to the entire blog/website that San shared with me. Here is the link to the poetry blog, written by San UK JR:

Check Out Blog & Website:

Sharing a quote that I pulled from the website:

“The author desires to portray the broad vision of the world we lack collectively, that builds resistance towards the progress”.

artwork by Laura Simental
Lilliputian Vision

Here is a rather quick sample of his poetry that is in English that I pulled from the blog:

“It rains
due to
the climate
we blame
our luck.”

Lilliputian Vision by San UK JR


I reviewed your content and have quite a few questions and observations. Firstly, I appreciate the above poem that has so little words yet speaks volumes. That poem can morph into a whole heated global warming discussion real quick. I see what you did there with the “Mistaken” poem with no spaces between the words. As a Virgo and resident perfectionist, I found it super cringe to attempt to read. However, I am deeply humored by it and I totally get it. I pulled a thought provoking line from “Written In Stars” as the following: “the ink is indeed the lords’ drink“. The photo for the “We Are Sick” poem is absolutely stunning!! I was going to say that photo is absolutely “sick” but I didn’t want you to think I was doing a play on words. Even though I was actually doing that. Please let me know who is the artist of that photo. That photo would look absolutely fabulous in my home! I’m sharing it but let me know who is the artist so that I may give credit that is due?

Photo Credit: “We Are Sick”-

The “She Fluttered” is a stunning photo as well that gives a thousand words to feed the mind for a poem that is laced with less than 20 words. I would say that you have some great artwork to fuel your poetic firestorm of words. I appreciate your content. However, I do have a complaint. There is no “About” tab on your website. Who are you? Who is the illustrator? Where in the globe are you from?? As a reader, the only possible link to figuring out who you are would be via some social media links. However, I am checking your content from my desktop and I do not have my log-in credentials for my social media on my laptop. If I was just randomly strolling through the internet and I was curious as to who you are, I would probably drop my curiosity and just move on to different content. You need to have some form of an author and/or illustrator showcase so that we may know who you are. The website can use some more background color and/or photos to liven it up in my opinion. Overall, I like and appreciate your poetry and artwork. You should launch a YouTube channel where you showcase the art and read out loud your poetry. If you do not have a soothing voice, get someone to record their audio version of your poetry. I wish you much luck and continued success! Here are some questions that I have posed for you to respond so that I may update for my readers.


1.) How did you choose “The Sans Desk” as your website name?
2.) How many people contribute to your website content? If so, how did you all meet?
3.) Where in the globe are you from?
4.) How often do you post your poems?
5.) What are the day jobs of everyone on the team? Go ahead and promote your businesses and I will share it for you.
6.) When did you start your creative content?
7.) Name 3 key lessons, you have learned the hard way, while creating your poems on your website?
8.) Name 3 screw-ups you had either prior to launching or while creating your poems?
9.) Share any social media links that I have not listed on your blog/website?
10) Do you have access to big names within the realm of poetry yet?
11) What are the topics of your next poetic writings?
12) What is the ultimate goal of your poetry?
13) What does your friends, family members, and spouses think about the released poetry?
14) Who is your audience and where in the world are the majority of them from?
15) Has there been a topic idea that you struggled to pull your poetry from?
16) Have you ever thought about releasing sexually explicit poetry?
17) What is/are the name(s) of the artist(s) responsible for your artwork on your website?

Well, what you think about this highlighted blogger’s content? What is your interpretation of his poetry? Do you see an interpretation that I may have missed? Please share with me your feedback in the comment section down below. I am open to checking out other author’s content with the understanding that you will share my content on your blog as well. I would even share on my social media if the same is done for my work on your social media. As I said before, I firmly believe that it takes a village to get the word out on an independent project, via helping each other out. I am sharing my latest, two podcast episodes that I released for The Verbally Disastrous Podcast via links for Spotify & YouTube below. Check out my newest short story release that belongs to my Construction Tales-Told By A Woman Kindle Vella Library short story series on Amazon down below. Short story #8 is entitled, “Surviving The 2008 Recession As A Construction Worker”. If anyone has read any of my other short stories, by all means let me know what you think? As usual, I will turn my short story into a podcast episode so that you can hear it from my context. That short story podcast episode will be coming very soon so stay tuned. I know that I said it before. However, I’m really off to work on the podcast episode so that I may release it either late tonight or tomorrow. Go make sure to have yourself a tolerable Monday and enjoy what is happening this upcoming week. I wish you a great morning/afternoon/evening on your side of the globe and a restful or productive day!

The Verbally Disastrous Store-On Tee-Spring

Here is the link to The Verbally Disastrous Store on Tee-Spring. I had a friend ask me about opening up a store to pick up some merchandise. We have a wide variety of custom Verbally Disastrous logo items available. I am open to product suggestions as well.

The Verbally Disastrous Store On Tee-Spring:

Verbally Disastrous-on Spotify

Here is Verbally Disastrous Presents- Season #1, Episode #35: Donny’s High Voltage Career Stories-Part A on YouTube:

Here is Verbally Disastrous Presents- Season #1, Episode #35: Donny’s High Voltage Career Stories-Part B on YouTube:

I just shared my latest short story that has been loaded up to my Construction Tales-Told By A Woman Kindle Vella Library on Amazon this week. The latest short story is entitled: #8 Surviving The 2008 Recession As A Construction Worker. I decided to write about the impact of the 2008 Recession on myself and my family. I managed to get caught up in this vicious cycle of unemployment that happened as a result of the economic recession. Boy, was that an emotionally draining part of my life! I wanted to share the story in an effort to make the reader aware of how deeply the construction industry was impacted by the actions on Wall Street. This short story will also be available as a Verbally Disastrous podcast episode.


Short Story #8: Surviving The 2008 Recession As A Construction Worker
Construction Tales-Told By A Woman For Kindle Vella On Amazon

Leslie M. Jasper

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