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How are you spending your time on your Monday evening!? I spent part of the weekend up in Syracuse to watch my son and his team WIN the New York state football championship for their division!! There was some snow but not a tremendous amount. We can’t leave Syracuse without stopping to get some Syracuse University team gear. It was exciting to watch the game in the Carrier Dome at Syracuse University. The road trip was a 4-hour ride from New York City. I rode up and grabbed my eldest son Tom after work. He is an alumni Carmel Ram so watching his brother be on the field was rewarding. I was happy to see my son come running to look for his brother and I as soon as he could at the end of the game. I will share the pictures and video when I get a chance in another blog post. I’m proud of my son for putting in the work to join the team and be a part of a winning varsity football team. In other great news, I recently got my approval letter from the Department of Buildings for my Site Safety Manager license for New York City!! My appointment has been issued for tomorrow so I should be scooping up my license if there are no hold ups. I am looking forward to that new journey and plan to podcast about it in the future. I have some irons in the fire as far as some podcast guests. I even have an acquaintance who is a practicing Satanist. I figure that this subject is rather mysterious. I’m curious as to his path from being a Catholic to a Satanist. My buddy Brian has agreed to join me in a conversation this week. Brian is a fellow journeyman electrician who has relocated to work in California. In addition to working with the tools as a fellow “sparkie”, Brian is into photography and some creative project submissions. I will share his work in an upcoming blog post so you can check out his work ahead of the podcast episode.

As you know, I go on Quora to check out some questions as my usual portal to pull topics for discussion. This requested question asks about whether a shy guy’s subtle cues can be misinterpreted. I gave a rather brief opinion on the subject matter initially. The original author of the topic did reach out and ask deeper on the question. I totally respect him wanting to pull deeper from me on the topic. I appreciated him politely calling me on the carpet about my response. I then proceeded to review his second response and offer a more thorough reflection based upon what he shared with me. I’m aware that I can be a little rough around the edges. It is not my goal to totally steam roll over the young man. I’m merely a person who was raised to come up with solutions, take action, and not try to hang my hat on excuses. I’ve never been about marinating in a “victim role” at all. I know we all go through stuff and we do get wrapped up in emotions. You should just not sit in it for very long. I went line by line in his subsequent response and tried to be attentive to his talking points. I will share both his second probe and my second response to it as well. Despite him expanding further, I still think that the best approach to speaking to the object of your affection is through being direct and to the point. Despite shyness and autism, trying the best to being direct is best. Without being creepy, of course. Anything less can be misinterpreted and subjected to wasting time. I believe that no matter who you are, you are required to practice a lot before meeting your perfect fit. A man who is direct about what he wants, despite any limitations, will give off a sexy vibe. A guy needs to fake that confidence to the max since it is appealing quality no matter if the girl is initially interested or not. Even if a woman was not remotely interested before, ya might peak her interest by coming in very confident.

That courage would indeed be noticed since it is alpha in nature. I try to be mindful of the courage that was used to approach a woman cold. I try to be as kind as possible about the let down. Any person who is mean or nasty to a person who simply asked you out is just a cruel soul. Unless the person is a million degrees of creepy, there is no reason to be rude. A person who doesn’t honor a person’s honest feedback of not being interested is now in the zone to face ridicule fair and square. Now, is it much easier to approach a person on their online dating profile?? Which method do you prefer? Meeting a person on the street or through a dating app? There are pros vs cons of trying to approach a person within the world of online dating. Online dating can be a whole hell of a lot easier to dodge rejection on your computer versus facing it in person. The rough thing about dating online is that people can be vague with their self representation with their photos. It absolutely sucks to waste your precious time meeting your date who ends up not looking remotely like their photos! Why are people choosing to not be a fair reflection with their posted photos?!!? I will never understand a person who posts old and/or misleading photos!!! Why waste another person’s time?! If you do not like your photos, then why waste the other person’s time?? I dealt with a man over the summer who held off meeting for awhile. His photos did not match his current look at all. To make matters even worse, he acted like dating was his back burner activity to do when he was bored. There is nothing that matches in-person chemistry or lack thereof. The good thing about the online thing is that I can hide behind my keyboard and quietly reject a person’s unwanted advances after meeting them. Even I am not immune to delivering some old fashioned ghosting. I don’t do it very much compared to how often it has been done to me. I did it a few times when I wasn’t sure on how to proceed with the situation. I was having an inner battle in my head on whether or not I wanted to keep it moving with the situation. I ended up being very delayed with my decision process and I was rather delayed with my response. At that time, I felt like it was time to quietly cut my losses and fade out. You can’t force chemistry when it doesn’t exist.

I’m very much against any form of deception after some bad past experiences. The fact that you have to ask a man whether he is married or not is disgusting!! Some of these clowns post profile photos with a wedding band!! Who accepts that as being not a big deal!? God bless you if you have a very logical thought process where accepting a married person is beneficial to you. As the person I am today, I see no value that comes from dealing with a married man. I did deal with a guy who was separated for several years before getting divorced. I got from that situation exactly what was offered. As a grieving widow, I was using it to insulate myself from getting married. Thankfully, I’m past that stage in life. You have to ask in the beginning if that the other person is married. It’s almost as if you don’t ask, it’s your fault for not asking. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t even be on a dating app while tied to another person in any form. I am really not fond of men being misleading with photos, lying about their age, their relationship status, or any other important information. People should be honest and let others make the choice to engage with you despite being married. There are a variety of reasons for a person to drop off the radar in the very beginning of a connection. It is not your worry to think much further that they lost interest. You very well may have dodged a bullet. I don’t believe in, “the one who got away” since it wasn’t meant to be in the first place. We are not meant for all people that we meet to ride off into the sunset together. I’m aware that putting yourself out there on the dating market takes courage to even pull off. To make the very first approach takes even more courage so that is admirable. We must kiss a lot of toads to finally catch up with our prince or princess. It’s important to just push through each date and don’t get emotionally attached in the beginning. Match their efforts and energy. If a person falls off with communication, you should fall back. A lazy person in the beginning will be an absolute sloth in a relationship!! I’ve made the mistake of being the motivated person in a relationship while I allowed the lazy person to be lazy. Besides, practice makes perfect so keep practicing. There is a person for everyone in this world. We are meant to grow and learn in this life. If the person doesn’t grow and learn at the same pace with you, they need to stay behind. Now, here is the first and second posed question and my first and second response below.


“Is it possible for a person to mistake someone to being not interested in them, when that someone actually is, but is just too nervous or shy to show it?”

By Austin Stephen Wright


“I hope this doesn’t come out the wrong way. To start off, I have autism, high-functioning. I also am extremely shy (as is my case as a result from being constantly ostracized growing up and not permitted to join into any friend groups as many have considered me to be socially awkward, which is due to my autism). One with autism, depending on the type of autism, can only go so far as to how to be make a good impression. Especially if someone has been ostracized and not permitted in joining friend groups growing up and is used to not being permitted, and that’s mostly all they know, and they have autism, it’s extremely difficult to make an impression on someone they are attracted to. They can only to the best they know how. In my situation it has not been enough, but I assume that why many are not impressed no matter how hard I try is because of shallowness.

It is a given that I’m different socially. Despite my different traits, I believe that I can make an impression upon someone, but that can’t happen if they are not willing to be understanding of someone’s different attributes. I understand that there is this “got to make a first impression” thing, but I feel like becoming impressed depends on one’s own openness to other’s possible differences. I have not exactly seen this one movie, like only snippets, but the movie Shallow Hal, starring Jack Black, MIGHT be a good example here. Maybe? Idk.

What I’m trying to say is, I might come of as socially awkward due to my autism, but I feel like even if my social awkwardness and shyness were to be so extreme, they don’t have to be the “impression killer” if the girl tries to look at me and my situation from a different perspective, and doing so can help me feel comfortable around her and her friends and whoever else enough for me become less and less socially awkward and shy! I have noticed that the more people are indifferent towards someone’s awkwardness, it makes it more nerve wracking for that someone to even try, as from constant experiences they know or feel like they know for sure that those people won’t welcome them and so they shy away not even trying anymore, because those people are just going to turn them away like most of others have done from other times before.

I don’t know. For those people to say such a someone to be so socially awkward and shy deserves to be in the friendzone when it comes to dating, and that that’s the best they can do, is limiting and is misunderstanding the true potential of that person who is socially awkward and shy. That if they are allowed to be given more time to show what they’ve got, they can potentially come off as impressive enough later on. Those people giving them time and a chance throughout that span of time, can also help them become more comfortable and less shy while around those people which will help them to more comfortably express themselves in a more confident manner knowing that these people really are giving him/her a chance.

With all of this said, I don’t think the friendzone is fair to put someone into, as it’s usually used so abruptly without a chance given to the other who is being tested. With this said, I feel like the friendzone is a shallow notion. Usually the friendzone is when you’ve decided to put someone into the friendzone, when you’ve only given them a few days to a few weeks to get to know them as friends and see if they are someone who may have potential for something more. I feel like helping them feel comfortable around you enough to be friends with you, to where they are no longer socially awkward and shy around you and your friends, needs to happen first before you study them to see if they have potential for a romantic relationship, and that studying them to see if they have potential for a romantic relationship is something you’d find interested in having with them is something that needs to happen before putting them in the “friendzone.” This way you’ve at least given them the time necessary.

This is how I feel about utilizing putting someone into the friendzone. It leaves more room for chances and more time for discovery about someone else’s character.

I hope this didn’t come out the wrong way. I just feel like people these days usually are not utilizing the process of friend zoning others as wisely as they can.”

By Austin Stephen Wright


“Yes, it is possible to not pick up on the subtle cues from a nervous/shy admirer. The signals can be confusing and rather vague. However, an experienced person who has dealt with shy people in the past may pick it up. Despite it being 2021, we are still not mind readers. On the other hand, the admirer who absolutely drips with thirst can even be mistaken for humor if the delivery is so over the top. The only sure fire way to let a person know you are interested is through being direct, prepare to weather the potential rejection, and move accordingly. A person who is naturally being upbeat and friendly can be mistaken for flirting as well. Subtle cues can be interpreted in many different ways. The ability to pick up cues hinge on the person’s past and present experiences with romantic interests. It is not easy for anyone to approach another person since rejection is painful. It is admirable to get courage to ask out a person that you really like. Remember that many women and men do not have your courage to consider approaching a person of interest. You must ask yourself why are you so shy? Remind yourself that the worst thing that can happen is that the person says no. Hopefully, there is no high punishment to face for just asking a question. The sting of rejection will only last a day or two tops. Is your gut telling you that this is not the right move, via your nerves? Always go with your gut. For every person who is not interested, there is a person waiting for you to approach them. Do what feels right and refuse to linger in what doesn’t feel right for very long. There are many toads to kiss before we find our prince or princess. I wish you much luck in your journey.”

By Leslie M. Jasper


“Hi Austin, I thank you for sharing your root cause as to why you are shy and socially awkward. No, it didn’t come off the wrong way. You are better at articulating what is going on in your life and how you think and feel better than many older adults. Hold great pride in that fact. I thank you for giving further details and giving me your input on my initial advice. In an effort to let you know that I have somewhat of an understanding, I will share that I faced both the side effects and direct impact of domestic violence in my childhood. This experience put fear into my heart and also made me socially awkward and extremely shy. When I say extremely shy, I graduated high school a virgin. My first attempt at a boyfriend lasted two weeks and was during my sophomore year. I then tried to have a boyfriend my senior year just in time for prom. Thankfully, that young man was a gentleman. If I was a man, I would have struggled with approaching the opposite sex. I’m aware that my home field advantage is being a woman and awaiting for a man to make obvious advances my way. I managed to slightly get out of my extreme shyness, via being a part of the school band when I played the trumpet. I was able to use music to help me work with the group of other bandmates. I’m not sure of your age and if that is even an option for you. Your advantage is that you have the internet and access to like minded groups who share your similar experiences. I grew up as a kid in the 80’s to early 90’s and did not have the internet as a tool. Remember, your past is only your foundation and doesn’t define you. I had to constantly remind myself as a young adult that what I experienced in my childhood did not have to translate into my present and future. You sound like you want to work on your socialization skills and push away from your past. As long as you have this goal, keep taking baby steps each and every day. I also understand about the whole socially awkward part of your life. I was the kid to kept to myself since I grew up in a sheltered home with little to no social interaction with other kids until I hit school. We never had guests in our house growing up. As an adult, I find my home my sanctuary and have limited visitors. I prefer to go to their house and hang out then come home to my peace and quiet. I am open to going to socialize with a group of people. However, I look forward to my solitude at home. I know that my +27 year career as a journeywoman electrician turned project/safety manager in construction has worked tremendously to push me out of my comfort zone with socializing with different people from all walks of life. I learned how to socialize as a construction worker which is a rather unique experience. I tend to come off as a little rough around the edges and take on a rather direct approach. I’m sure that this can be misinterpreted to some people. I tend to think about a subject more logically and less emotionally due to my background.

Despite I am sharing my background that has some parallels with your background, I am aware that I cannot fully understand the magnitude of your experiences. However, I am taking what you have shared into consideration with revising my advice for you. What I am understanding is that you feel like your socializing toolbox is rather limited and you are looking for some tips on how to add more tools to the social toolbox? Do you have a Play Station? Both of my sons, aged 16 & 26-years old, have Play Station and regularly socialize with people on the internet. It’s fair to say that my 16-year old is very shy and reserved like I am in social settings. I know you shared that you feel like you have been extremely unsuccessful with your attempts to socialize with a romantic interest. Meanwhile, socializing with the opposite sex is a challenge for anyone who is bold to attempt it. I can tell you that it is not easy for people who do not perceive that they have medical issues that impede their socialization abilities. In some respects, the internet is a very handy tool yet has it’s many drawbacks. My Verbally Disastrous Podcast co-host Melissa and I spoke about this topic. The online dating world gives so many choices that it confusing for all with extra, extra opportunities. Before the internet, dating was oftentimes limited to where you can connect geographically. Now that the internet exists, people do not stick within the confines of their own town. They branch out and connect with folks they would have never bothered connecting with before. You can now develop a relationship before even laying eyes on the other person. When you can branch out to other geographic areas, there is no concern about ghosting people and/or not acting the same as they would if they stayed within their own town. It also appears that the top 10% of both genders have unlimited opportunities to date the 90% dating pool. It appears that opportunities are not so easy for folks deemed as “normal”. It would be logical that dating is even harder for anyone who has a disability of some form. I was reading that there is a large pool of young men who are in their 20’s and still virgins. Perhaps there are other factors that contribute to this trend such as video game marathoning and other isolated activities.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if what you are doing isn’t working. It takes quite awhile to connect with the right person during “normal” conditions. You must kiss many toads before before finding your princess no matter who you are my friend. You are a good writer who is able of taking your time and articulating what you. Perhaps you can connect with the ladies via starting a vlog on a YouTube channel or WordPress blog? Yes, people who are considered to be “shallow” are a by product of a social media influencer society. Despite being constantly bombarded with social media trends, I still believe that a good woman exists for you. It is going to just take you a little bit more of time and much practice to accomplish it. However, when you do find her, it will be a deep, more enriched experience. The connection may be on a higher level than what the average person experiences. The woman that you will connect with will not be shallow, love you beyond and fault, and with a connection that reaches depths that few will never grasp in their entire lives. You require patience and practice to accomplish this goal of finding the perfect puzzle piece for your unique puzzle. When you think about it in that context, it is a special mission that takes awhile to accomplish. Give yourself grace for not yet achieving what you want yet. As far as the movie entitled, “Shallow Hal” that you believe is an example of our society, you can’t focus on the few social media influencers that represent a small slice of our society. There are many good souls who walk the Earth who are good people and not shallow. These same people may or may not be influenced by our media nor do they engage in social media. If you believe that people are shallow, that is who you will attract. If you believe in genuine souls, that is exactly who you will attract. It is important to keep your mind both open and positive on this journey. This law of attraction applies to anyone on the planet. Here are some universal laws that come from the Law Of Attraction:

1). Like attracts like: This law suggests that similar things are attracted to one another. It means that people tend to attract people who are similar to them—but it also suggests that people’s thoughts tend to attract similar results. Negative thinking is believed to attract negative experiences, while positive thinking is believed to produce desirable experiences.

2). Nature abhors a vacuum: This law of attraction suggests that removing negative things from your life can make space for more positive things to take their place. It is based on the notion that it is impossible to have a completely empty space in your mind and in your life. Since something will always fill this space, it is important to fill that space with positivity, proponents of this philosophy say.

3). The present is always perfect: This law focuses on the idea that there are always things you can do to improve the present moment. While it might always seem like the present is somehow flawed, this law proposes that, rather than feeling dread or unhappiness, you should focus your energy on finding ways to make the present moment the best that it can be.

Check out the article, such as the link below, on the subject of the Law of Attraction:

Let the Law of Attraction Help You With Positive Change


You indeed need to push past the “impression killer” challenge and work on keeping and staying positive on your ability to work on making a good impression on a young lady. Remember that making a great first impression is not impossible. Overthinking during a social situation and assuming that people are intolerable of your social awkwardness is not a good trap to fall into either. Don’t allow the bad energy of others to take away your power that stops you from In this day and age, there are many siblings and other family members of people who have autism. The number of autistic people have grown exponentially within the past 20 years. Family from that particular background may have developed a level of comfort with autism, a sense of empathy, as well as strategies that work to navigate behavior. It would make sense to connect with other autistic people on social media. Once connected, you can tap into the family members who may make a great match for you. A young woman with a great, loving heart is what you seek. Chances are pretty high that this young woman is not half naked and twerking on social media. She is more than likely studying in the library and working on some amazing goals. A young woman is involved with her church and charity work. A young woman who is involved with a non-profit organization doing some form of charity work may be a good catch. Yes, you must put on tunnel vision and block out the words and behavior of others around you. I had to learn to do that when I first started working with the tools and felt the eyes of the job on me at all times. It’s not easy to do but it can be done. You can’t keep giving power of your efforts to the unknown. If you find yourself taking a trip to the unknown, don’t allow yourself to stay there very long.

When I mentioned the friend zone, I spoke about an available door. I didn’t say anyone deserves to be put in the friend zone. It is an option that happens to men and women all around the world. You can’t force anyone to not put you in the friend zone. You can only manage your own feelings and behavior. Yes, only thinking that you are going to be in the friend zone is very limiting. Just know that this is an option if you two cannot make a connection. As far as receiving more time to make a first impression, that is up to the young lady who you are trying to impress and nothing less. When someone puts you in the friend zone, they have made an assessment. Yes, studying a young woman’s personality and behavior before making a move is vital prior to inserting yourself into the equation to see if you have a shot at the title. Is is worth it to know exactly the reasons as to why you were placed in the friend zone? No, it is best to walk away and go in a different direction and work on a person who is that right puzzle piece for your very unique puzzle. Finding that right person, right time, same key values, same morals, same family and religious values, and other details that are important to you is not an easy feat. It is not meant to discourage you. It is meant to let you know that it takes time to find the right person so go easy on yourself. Beware of your mindset and where you dedicate your energy. Divert that energy from focusing on what didn’t work and head towards the realm of a new opportunity to connect.

I remember a co-worker who used to say this phrase, “good food takes time to prepare.” A great, quality relationship is something that takes time to find and develop. As a young man, you have way more time than a young woman to find a great partner. A woman has a biological clock and you don’t have that. The more time you give yourself to find the right person, you can develop your empire even further in the meantime. If you put too much pressure on yourself, you won’t have a mind open to process the viability of a relationship. Give yourself plenty of time to find the right person since you do have time on your side. Is it possible to find a platonic female friend or sister to help you work on your interaction skills? If not, go onto YouTube and find some good guys who give dating advice tutorials. Read more blogs from relationship coaches that give good ways to approach the young ladies. There are groups of young men who are in the same situation such as yourself. Try to connect with them and the people who are in their lives. Be kind to yourself with the process. Give yourself a break from dating when needed. Know that you have time to find what fits for you. Remember that good women exist. They are just not on social media just aimlessly trying to get attention from strangers on the internet. Many young women like guys with a sense of humor and confidence. Not all young women have the same expectations and patience. The best encounters happen in life when there is no pressure or expectations. Maintain a good mindset and be open to great things that go your way. Positive thinking brings positive results. Practice makes perfect. I felt like I owed you this expanded discussion on your topic. Here is my list of tips to help you with the process:

01.) You will need to keep pursuing the ladies until you meet the right girl. It takes time no matter who you are.

02.) Practice with a good male friend with role playing as you would be talking to a young lady. Keep practicing solo in a mirror.

03.) Look for a favorite YouTube creator who is a dating coach. You should get some great pick-up lines to use.

04.) Write out how you feel about a young lady and walk away from it. Re-read it out loud in the mirror the next day to see if it makes sense to use.

05.) Be willing to be patient with yourself with the process since it is easy for no one unless they are a celebrity.

06.) Find groups of young men who are in the same situation as yourself. Connect with their network of people. Siblings of an autistic person may work.

07.) Don’t focus on what has not been said. Only focus on what has actually been said and move accordingly.

08.) Stay in the continuous mindset that the amazing person is there and just within reach.

09.) Don’t focus on the negative energy of others. Develop tunnel vision that blocks out the bad energy of others.

10.) Don’t keep the mindset on what didn’t work. Move on and be excited about the new opportunity to date an amazing woman.

11.) Don’t worry about the friend zone. You can find value with women who friend zone you. Have them mentor you on what would work for them and then use that data to your advantage on the next young lady.

12.) Study a young woman’s words and actions. You can’t make a hoe a housewife. You can’t make a selfish woman a great mother. Consider her words and behavior as lessons learned.

13.) Write out some key characteristics you want in a young lady. Keep that note bedside and read it out loud periodically. You are working on manifesting what you want by speaking life into it each time by telling God and the Universe what you want.

14.) Get involved in charity work and look for those single ladies that are involved in donating their time and/or money to a good cause. Those girls could have a heart of gold that you seek.

15.) Figure out how to connect with others in your community, via volunteering with the local church or soup kitchen. There are bound to be young ladies doing the same.

16.) Remind yourself that you do not have a biological clock to worry yourself about as a man.

17.) Remind yourself that you have what it takes to meet someone wonderful and you will get that opportunity at some point.

18.) Review the Law Of Attraction and see if you are missing any ingredients that are needed.

19.) Invest in a dating coach that is affordable and can be found online. Review their tutorials online ahead of time before investing.

20.) Check out speed dating or single mixers that are in your area. Have it in your mind that you are “just practicing” and maybe it will ease your nerves.

21.) Learn to crack jokes at your own flaws. Humor always helps to ease an anxious mind. I’ve often cracked jokes at myself to lighten up the room.

22.) Try to develop a platonic relationship with a young lady. This young lady can serve as a mentor and coach and slip you into the real thing.

23.) Be kind to yourself and give plenty of patience.

24.) Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for even the smallest wins in life. Why?? You deserve it!

I’m honored that you asked me further for my advice. I hope I did you a service and I offered some good insight. If you require further clarity, let me know?”

by Leslie M. Jasper


What do you think about my offering of my advice that has been expanded even further? Would your advice be different or much of the same? Are you in the same boat as this young man? Did I offer some pointers or did I just group a bunch of non-cohesive words together? I give every man on the planet who must approach a woman cold a lot of credit. If I was a man, I would have had such a tough time trying to date. I said it before and I’m saying it again. I might still be a virgin if I was a dude. I’m super serious with my position. As an older chick, I am not as shy as I was in my teens and 20’s. Yes, I’m aware that I lack shyness here in my blog and on my podcast. Thankfully, I have evolved quite a bit compared to my youth. Then again, none of my creative and work ventures are romantically linked in the least bit. When it comes to the first few date nights, I am still horribly shy. I feel better once I get past the first few dates. The funny thing is that when I’m on the jobsite, I love to chat it up with co-workers and break balls relentlessly. There is a level of comfort with being the annoying sister on the job in reference to my co-workers. My home persona is more low-key than the work persona. I’m very quiet when I am in my personal sanctuary. Then again, I’m aware that I’m biased on my own behavior. I’m probably a HUGE loud mouth when I’m with my friends; especially with Melissa! 😛 We have the best energy when we get together and many laughs! I’m sure another podcast is coming this week! I know that I said that last week but it needs to come out this week. We need to discuss our most embarrassing moments since we have a few that are quite humorous. I have to figure out when we are getting together for that brand of Tom foolery. Stay tuned for that laugh session! As always, I’m sharing my (6) latest podcast episodes that have been released for The Verbally Disastrous Podcast, via links for Spotify & YouTube down below. If you are into reading on a Kindle, check out my newest short story release that belongs to my Construction Tales-Told By A Woman Kindle Vella Library short story series on Amazon down below. Short story #8 is entitled, “Surviving The 2008 Recession As A Construction Worker”. If anyone has read any of my other short stories, by all means let me know what you think? It’s now time to work on some other tasks and work on making my day as productive as possible. I have been coming back and forth to this blog to keep writing it out. I put some thought and consideration into my expanded advice. Try to enjoy your Monday evening during this brand-new work week. I wish you a great morning/afternoon/evening on your side of the globe and a restful or productive day!

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Construction Tales-Told By A Woman For Kindle Vella On Amazon

Leslie M. Jasper

-Author And Host of the #VerballyDisastrous podcast now alive on many platforms that include: Acast, Amazon Music, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Deezer, Google Podcasts, I Heart Radio, Listen Notes, Overcast, Pandora Podcasts, Player FM, Pocket Casts, Pod Bean, Podchaser, Podcast Addict, Podcast Gang, Radio Public, Soundcloud, Soundtrap, Spotify, Stitcher, Tune In, and YouTube.

-The Audio Blog: Verbally Disastrous Podcast And Construction Tales Blog. Now available on: Acast, Amazon Music, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Deezer, Google Podcasts, I Heart Radio, Listen Notes, Overcast, Pandora Podcasts, Player FM, Pocket Casts, Pod Bean, Podchaser, Podcast Addict, Podcast Gang, Radio Public, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, and Tune In.

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