*UPDATED*- The Dirty Little Secrets Club Q&A Shared!



Hello Everyone!

I sure as hell hope you are having a great day today on your side of the globe!? Keep that energy high in order to keep that mindset positive. How much colder is it on your side of the globe today? I’m giving a big finger to people who never see winter ever!! Just kidding!!! I’m totally kidding!! I have always liked the cooler months when I was younger. However, as I get older, my body prefers the warmer weather. Truth be told, I am a polar bear so I embrace the cooler weather when the summer is over. I went to the NYC Halloween Parade in lower Manhattan for on October 31st. As a reminder again, I have some journals, sketchbooks, planners, etc. that are now on Amazon. For this blog post, I am re-sharing my review on a podcast that someone on Twitter shared with me over the summer. I’m also offering some of the responses to my questions down below. When the remaining amount of responses to the questions come in, I will offer another update. The podcast is entitled, “The Dirty Little Secrets Club” and is hosted by Dayna (That Trophy Wife Life Podcast) and Brimstone (The Grindhouse Radio). I found this unique duet on YouTube. I am going to review their interactions and dirty secrets. I will then ask them some questions, reaching out via Twitter, for them to respond at their earliest convenience. I am looking forward to listening to their content and writing out my thoughts. I will have to get from them the links to their other podcast platforms as well. I believe they are on Spotify at the very least. It appears to be an up and coming brand-new joint podcast project. I perceive that they have had their own personal podcast projects prior to joining forces (a great question to ask them). Here is the description to their podcast that can be found on their YouTube page below:

“Do you have a dirty little secret? Welcome to the club. From Coast to Coast, the Beauty from the West and the Beast from the East are offering you a VIP ticket to the dirtiest little secrets this club has to offer. Dayna (That Trophy Wife Life Podcast) and Brimstone (The Grindhouse Radio) let you take a peek into our own personal Pandora’s Box of anonymous secrets submitted through our website. So what are you waiting for? Step on in, and let’s get scandalous”.

The Dirty Little Secrets Club

Here is the website for The Dirty Little Secrets Club (submit your dirty secrets anonymously):



The show has a Twitter handle and can be found on Instagram under the show’s title as well. The funny thing is when you first click on the video, they look like such an unlikely pairing. Dayna does indeed have the dainty, self-proclaimed “trophy wife” look. Meanwhile, Brimstone has the long hair & beard dare I say “hippie” look. If he said he followed Fish or The Grateful Dead, I would totally believe him. Despite appearing to be coming from different planets, they actually vibe very well together. I totally appreciate that Dayna does not shy away from raunchy topics!! She surprised me in the most pleasant manner! She is not afraid to roll her sleeves up and get “dirty”. She speaks about the raunchiest topics in such a soft manner like she is delivering the grocery list. If anything, she reminds me of myself a little bit. I tend to add a little extra to a very disgusting yet very funny topic. When I worked in the field, I threw my co-workers off with my candid observations. She has a sick sense of humor like I do. I laughed my ass off at the story on the group of guys pitching in together and buying and sharing a fleshlight!!! I won’t give away what episode it came from. You will need to look for it yourself. As a mom of two sons who has a very open and honest relationship, that subject is not surprising to me at all. I have heard of stories about making passionate noises with the fleshlight that rattled the headboard. When I heard the stories, I could barely breathe due to laughing so damn hard!! I also cracked up at Dayna mentioning that she would call her husband’s fleshlight (if he had one) as per sister wife. Bbbllaaahhhh!!!!!! 😛 I indeed found myself listening to more of their podcast episodes than I would normally do for a review. I often will do reviews eyes and ears unseen previously. I actually have a funny and embarrassing story that I need to share with them on their website. I would be totally amused by their discussion on the topic.

I learned a new term, “holy milk” by listening to a podcast episode. I was also humored by “Missing The Honeypot”. This made me laugh as well. Some creep gave them a dirty secret of inserting pretzels inside the hole of the penis. The fella like the abrasive nature that came from the salt passing the skin. I was like WWHHAATTT!!??? I then heard Brimstone recommend to the fella to be careful since that can be infection central!! Yikes!! Brimstone goes to quip that the guy is “as-salting” his penis! Bbbllaahh!!! I envisioned a Mount Rushmore of puss erupting from his member followed by massive pain!! He then shared that he knew a guy with 30 piercings between his twig and berries. There are no short supply of crazy stories being told and the following funny banter between the two hosts. They always say that true life is stranger than fiction. It sounds like The Dirty Little Secrets Club is not exception to the rule. As a woman who has been in construction in New York for the past +25-years, I have heard the craziest stories on the jobsites. We had a guy on the job with the nickname “Porno *Saul” who had a massive collection of dirty magazines. He used to bring them into work and offered them to the general foreman. He slid the manila envelope across the break table during coffee break. I absolutely lost my shit when I witnessed that debauchery! I neared about what “feltching” is by exposure to this fella. I’m not telling-look it up. My son is an apprentice on the job and reports that the man is now a born-again Christian. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their podcast episodes. I will more than likely check out future episodes. It makes me want to also listen to their personal podcast projects in the future. Here is a sample funny episode that can be found on YouTube:

The Dirty Secrets Club | Holy Milk | Season 1, Episode #19 on YouTube:

The Dirty Secrets Club | Missing The Honeypot | Season 1, Episode #24 on YouTube:


1.) How did you choose “The Dirty Little Secrets Club” concept and podcast name?

When Dayna and I originally discussed tag-teaming a show together, I asked if she’d had any concepts that she wanted to potentially put into play. Needless to say… Day is brilliant and has a fantastic entrepreneurial mind – So she’d had a few killer ideas to choose from! The IP that stuck out to me above the rest happened to be the Dirty Little Secrets Club. Honestly, to be blunt… I got excited about the project right away as it was an outlet to do something completely outside of the sandbox that I’m normally confined playing in. We both went back and forth discussing different thoughts and ideas for DLSC – It’s crazy that we were both on the same brainwave and with a little trial and error… we found our little niche in the grand scheme of things!


2.) How did you two meet?

I had the pleasure of doing the guest thing on Dayna’s OG series, ‘That Trophy Wife Life’. We had fantastic chemistry on-air (when you know, you know), and stayed in touch thereafter. As cliché as it may sound, real recognizes real and when the opportunity arose to maybe do a project together… it just made sense.


3.) Where are you all from?

I’m from Long Island, New York – just a little under an hour from NYC. Dayna is in San Diego, California.


4.) How often do you get dirty little secrets for your podcast episodes? Have they increased as you generate episodes?

This is a question for Dayna as she handles the lion’s share of the responsibility for the show’s backend. I can tell you that we receive entries throughout the week via our anonymous entry system on the Official website; as well as via social media (which is a lot less anonymous; however our lips are always sealed when it comes to who our secrets belong to). We have received more as we’ve grown – we actually got a ridiculous amount for our fetish episode… my friend Tabitha Stevens joined us for that journey and it was certainly epic! We’re always seeking fresh secrets from our club members though as you can never have enough. We really love the ones that are really detailed – it helps the conversations and we have to fill in less of the blanks.


5.) What are the day jobs of everyone on the team? Go ahead and promote your businesses and I will share it for you.

I’m Brimstone 24/7 – I do a lot of voice over work, acting, touring and appearances, and so on. I also own The Grindhouse Radio, Inc., Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group), and have a multitude of different products out in market from backpacks, to sauces and seasonings to toys, games and then some! I’m also a comic book, animated, video game and kid’s book character… a lot can be learned (if interested) by reading my Bio on my Official Website.


6.) Did you each have your own personal podcast projects before meeting each other?

Short answer to this question is yes. I met Dayna by being a guest on her show, That Trophy Wife Life. I was an early adopter of being interviewed by podcasters and have been exposed to them for many years – I’ve been doing my own professionally now though for the last seven years. I do The Grindhouse Radio on iHeartRadio and over thirty other networks syndicated, with between 3.5 to 4 million listeners weekly worldwide. I also do Truly Inconsequential with my co-host Tom Greer (also from The Grindhouse Radio) and Within Brim’s Skin (with co-host Alex DaPonte) via The Grindhouse Radio Network. Currently, my only external show from GHR is the Dirty Little Secrets Club.


7.) Name 3 key lessons, you have learned the hard way, while creating your podcast episodes?

8.) Name 3 screw-ups you had either prior to launching or while creating your podcast?

9.) Share any social media links that I have not listed in this blog post?

Sure! You can find everything on my Official website: therealbrimstone.com – There are links to all of my social directly on the site. I personally run all my social media – it isn’t my assistant, an intern or my wife… it’s me! So if you reach out – it will be me responding to you directly, and I love engagement. I am most active on Instagram at @therealbrimstone; but I’m everywhere including Twitter at @entrancetohell and Facebook at @Brimstone. If people are interested in using me IN their social media… you can find GIFs of me by searching Brimstone, gotBrim and @ghr among other keywords; or grab them from giphy.com/ghr.


10) Do you have access to big names to interview yet?

On the DLSC we’ve had a couple of guests on; but we aren’t doing the interview thing – we have them on to be a part of the shenanigans which is extra fun. In terms of names, I’ve been in entertainment for over forty years – so I know; or have access to pretty much anyone. If you are interested in checking out everyone who has been on The Grindhouse Radio – visit our Guest List page and you can listen to well over three hundred guests who have hung out on GHR.


11) What are the topics of your next few episodes you plan to release to give the audience a tease?

We mostly play each episode by ear to keep it fun and fresh. They are also dictated by the different secrets that are sent to us week to week. Occasionally we’ll plan something out; but it is way more fun to be spontaneous and not really know what is coming – it keeps the fun flowing!


12) Are either of you authors?

13) What is the ultimate goal of your podcast?

14) What does your friends, family members, and spouses think about the podcast?

15) Who is your audience and where in the world are the majority of them from?

16) What is the raunchiest dirty little secret that has been shared?

17) Has there been a topic that you struggled to share on a podcast episode?

18) What is the name of the artist and song used at the end of your podcast episode?


If you do not like or appreciate adult humor and content, I do not recommend you checking out this content. Then again, if you are reading my content, you must have some form of a dirty, funny bone in ya. You see where I went with that!? Ha!! Never mind-proceed as usual! I have to say that I am humored by the content and would love to do a future collaboration if the opportunity came up in the future. Perhaps I can share some crazy stories from the time when I worked with the guys with the tools. If you like my raw, dirty construction chick stories, you will also like Dayna & Brimstone at The Dirty Little Secrets Club! Go check them out! I highly recommend listening to this podcast. That is my review of The Dirty Little Secrets Club! I’m super grateful for you stopping by to check out my review on The Dirty Little Secrets Club. I thank you for including me in your AM/PM routine when you check out my content today. I am always humored if you are sneaking away to read/listen to this while at work. Ssshh, your secret is safe with me!! 😛 Let me know if you find my review interesting? I will add any questions to the pile if you leave them in the comment section. I am pimping out my latest, two podcasts that I released for The Verbally Disastrous Podcast via links for Spotify, Amazon Music, & YouTube below. For my latest podcast release, I kick off Season #2 with my discussion about early lessons learned during my apprenticeship and the characters I met along the way. Hopefully, you find these latest podcast episodes to be interesting. I am also sharing the link to my (10) Kindle Vella short stories on Amazon as well. Now, make sure to have yourself an enjoyable Sunday and enjoy what is left of the weekend. I wish you a great morning/afternoon/evening on your side of the globe and a restful or productive day!

Verbally Disastrous-On Spotify

Verbally Disastrous Season #1, Ep. #41: Part A- Working On The Railroad With The Tools As A Chick! on YouTube:

Verbally Disastrous Season #1, Ep. #42: Part B- Working On The Railroad With The Tools As A Chick! on YouTube:

Verbally Disastrous! Season #1, Episode #43: Part A- Tramping In Cali! on YouTube:

Verbally Disastrous! Season #1, Episode #44: Part B- Tramping In Cali! on YouTube:

Verbally Disastrous! Season #1, Episode #45: Part C- Tramping In Cali! on YouTube:

Verbally Disastrous! Season #2, Episode #46:Early Life Lessons & Characters To Meet As An Apprentice On YouTube:

The Photacular Imagery Website- By Photography Artist Brian Reyes:


Construction Tales- Told By A Woman: (10) Kindle Vella Short Stories On Amazon!!

I shared my latest short story that has been loaded up to my Construction Tales-Told By A Woman Kindle Vella Library on Amazon. This is short story #10 entitled, “Early Life Lessons & Characters To Meet As An Apprentice”. This short story covers some initial life lessons such as guarding your personal information, managing nasty rumors, combating sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism. Overall, the construction culture has improved dramatically over the past 25-years. Developing both a thick skin and a sharp tongue are key tools needed to survive various jobsite antics. The previous short story is entitled: #9: “I’m Working On The Railroad With The Tools As A Chick!”. I decided to write about some stories from when I worked with the tools on the railroad. I shared a story of saving a co-worker from a near death experience! I hope you learn something from this short story. There are more to come. This short story is now also available as (2) Verbally Disastrous podcast episodes.

Construction Tales- Told By A Woman: (10) Kindle Vella Short Stories On Amazon


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