My Initial List of “Verbally Disastrous” Podcast Topics To Be Discussed

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hello everyone!

I have written a rough draft of some of the topics that will be covered, along with my co-host Melissa, on our brand new podcast entitled, #VerballyDisastrous on Spotify. I shall announce when we load up the first episode as well as subsequent episodes. I wanted to share the topics with my readers so that you all will get an idea of our podcast’s theme. Here is the preliminary list of topics below:

Personal life & work balance as a woman
Being an independent woman
Consequences of being an independent woman
Benefits of being an independent woman
Benefits for a man being with an independent woman
Consequences for a man being with an independent woman
Dating as a female construction worker
Dating as a career woman
Being a female homeowner
Hobbies as a career woman
Raising sons and daughters as a career woman
Women who choose to not have children
Women who rock at home improvement projects
Retirement for a career woman
Wanting a man vs needing a man
The joy of painting and other projects & hobbies
The daily life as a career woman
Regrets as a career woman
What would life be like as a housewife?
The fears an independent woman has?
What’s wrong with wanting cats?
Are dogs better than cats?
Why are pets better than humans?
The good, bad, and ugly of men

To give a better sense of the “culture” of our podcast, I will offer an overview of our dynamics as friends. My friends and I are very strong minded, independent ladies who are rather direct with our approach to communicating. We all have absolute love, respect, and loyalty towards each other within our social circle. It is fair to say that we are rather rough around the edges and not considered to be “dainty” or “soft” in nature. Melissa and I have been friends since around 2007. I was introduced to Melissa during an outing with another very close friend, her name is Tara. Tara is a fellow journeywoman electrician who I had worked with back during the first days of her apprenticeship. Tara will be on the podcast from time to time when her schedule allows. Tara has a family with a young toddler so her time is rather limited.

Melissa and I spend a tremendous amount of time together and go on many adventures together. We have most recently gotten into painting, acrylic pour art, and different craft projects. She just showed me today some electric wood designs that involve electricity that I have been assigned to figure out what is needed to make this project function. I am sure we will discuss the good, bad, and ugly on this attempt to carve some wood. I am sure that will be the spoken about on the podcast. We are very much into hitting the beach and lake in the summer, kayaking, camping, and visiting haunted houses in October. We are both mothers to young men. Melissa’s son is 29 years old and I have two sons that are aged 26 and 16 years old. We would both be lost if we had daughters- I find that humorous.

We are both homeowners and work together on various home projects. We were stripping wallpaper and window sills this past summer and restoring the space. Melissa just bought a home last year and we have a variety of projects to work on at her new house. We both tend to be problem solvers and prefer to be self-sufficient. We took a safe and slid it down the hill on a plastic sheet to get it to the basement that would have been treacherous to walk it down the hill. I have done many projects around my house that range from framing (I prefer metal studs), hanging sheetrock, electrical, painting, and various tasks. I watched guys on the job over the years and then went home and did the projects myself.

I need to make sure that you all know that we all have a love and appreciation for men and are not women who bash men. Besides Tara and Melissa, I prefer interacting with men vs interacting with women. As a kid, the majority of my friends were boys. I was always interested in boy activities like climbing trees, dirt bikes, building forts, and other activities. I have always had a gravitational pull towards males, such as my father, and their energy while still holding onto my feminine traits. I appreciate that most men are typically straight forward, have an issue and raise the problem, it gets resolved, and problem is over. However, with women it feels like there are hidden issues and no instant resolution to a problem. I don’t want to guess about how someone is feeling or if they have a secret ax to grind. Just tell me for f&cks sake!! I prefer, as well as my co-hosts, for a person to say what is on their mind no matter how savage the opinion comes across. I like not having to walk on eggshells around my friends and worrying about hurting their feelings. I am sure our conversations are considered “rough” or “raw” compared to a typical circle of women.

I have worked with men for most of my career and had previously preferred a male boss vs a female boss. However, I am lucky to have my current female boss who has a similar personality to mine and who is also a journeywoman electrician turned contractor. She has served as a tremendous mentor for developing my career and evolving into a Safety Manager position. I fully appreciate her and look after her interest in return. I am hoping I will get her on the podcast at some point to discuss a topic. I am also hoping that you have a rough idea of what the “Verbally Disastrous” podcast will be like in the near future as well. We are a group of women who like drinking beer, watching football, and are actively building our empire in a self-sufficient manner.

My sons have always viewed me as a tough woman. My father raised me to be tough and self-reliant. I was in the kitchen washing dishes one night and my son Johnny (he was about 7 years old at the time) approached me to ask me why he must be gentle with women. I then explained to him that women are built differently than men. They are considered by society to be delicate flowers that are caregivers with a gentle demeanor and need to be handled accordingly. My son gazed up out the window and expressed that he understood. He then slowly shifted his gaze towards me and said, “except for you mom. You are a cinder flower!” I laughed heartily at my son’s revelation. It was indeed a moment where I realized how my son sees me through his eyes. As long as I am not viewed as the town whore, I will take the cinder flower title (shrugging my shoulders).

Once the podcast is officially launched, we will appreciate feedback to help us evolve and grow. Just deliver it in the most humorous manner you can. Thanks for stopping by my blog to review my content. I wish you a good day and speak with you soon!


Leslie M. Jasper

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