Reviewing the “Why are you so ANTI-WOMEN”? YouTube video -Aba & Preach

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I listen to Aba & Preach on YouTube from time to time. Every once in awhile, I laugh heartily at their content. Here is the episode that I am referring to in this post:

“You can’t lay with the maggots and fly like a butterfly. Pick one. Choose one”. -Aba, aka poetic savagery

I find a lot of Aba & Preach’s content to be funny yet logical at the same time. I laugh at their playful and sarcastic rants often. I also appreciate their logical breakdowns of various forms of media. I understand and recognize the double standards that they are speaking about within the realm of man vs woman. Yes, the man vs woman dynamics does not often follow logic. Yes, not every woman follows the “feminism handbook” properly. Wait! Does the “feminism handbook” really exist?? LOL!! Perhaps it needs to exist so that women can use it as a source of guideline standards? For goodness sakes, I think I cracked the code!!! (cue cheesy grin) As a society, we are trying to proceed within a society with a mixed bag of notions. This mixed bag of notions on how to behave like a woman is based upon your upbringing and life experiences. Yes, many women are fighting the modern rules and want to pick al la carte off of the feminism and traditional menus. Not all women want to follow the modern female empowerment movement. Many women are being dragged by their hair into the modern era who love the benefits of the traditional roles. Perhaps if we had a standardized rule book to follow, would that change the dynamics within modern society? You are always going to have people who want to play the game by their own rules. That is never going to stop ever.

Now let’s follow the basic logical steps for a moment. If one wants equal rights for opportunities, they should be also willing to shake off the dust and open up the purse to pay half on the first date. Dare I say it- it would be mind blowing for a woman to pay for the entire first date! {<THAT IS A JOKE} Over the course of my dating history, I have always offered to pull from my purse. Well, I technically have a backpack as opposed to a purse. The concept of not offering to pay half is inconceivable to me. I have never wanted to take advantage of a man in my life- some may call me a fool for that. I shall take that in stride. However, I have stood by the principle of always going half on a relationship. I have offered so much that I have been taken advantage over the years. In my last serious relationship, he started to get too comfy and I had to lay down some boundaries. He was not used to a woman being generous with her cash. For a brief moment, it had gotten to the point that I was the one paying almost every time we went out. I had to set up some boundaries so that I would not be totally taken advantage of during outings. Once it got to the point where he was putting items in the cart that were intended for his consumption during the week and not the evening meal we were shopping for, I had to pump the brakes. However, it appears that my generosity is of the minority compared to the general population of women.

The women that are in my social circle are also generous with their purse and pay their own way. They get up each day and go work and create a life that is self-sufficient in nature. They don’t feel the need to bash men in the pursuit of their way of life. I know of some women, who are career women, who try desperately keep the cobwebs in tact over their wallets. I know women, who choose to be baby mommas, who are trying to use the state to subsidize their traditional agendas. The beauty of society is that not all women walk the same path in life. That leads to unique stories and life experiences. Life is not a one size fits all journey. Not all men and women are attracted to the same things in life either. I am not convinced that following a standardized rulebook will lead to greater satisfaction between the sexes either. Perhaps more willingness to listen, see other opposing viewpoints, some level of cooperation, and attempting to understand each gender could lead to more satisfaction??

As Aba & Preach have so eloquently stated in their own unique delivery, you can’t please everyone. No matter if you create a blueprint in both 2D and 3D BIM, some people are not willing to rise to a level to achieve at least a basic understanding of others. I think it is often fruitless and exhausting to try to understand some folks who are not meant to be understood. It is fair that the most of us are doing this adulting adventure while flying by the seat of our pants. Some things work out and some things are not meant to be. I know I started out as a young adult choosing to get married and have children young. Once my husband died, I stepped up to the plate and chose a career path that I wanted so that I could survive. I didn’t have it in mind, back in the 1990’s, that I was a part of women’s history of women breaking into male dominated construction. I just wanted a job with a pension and medical and to earn a very good wage to take care of my family without relying on someone else for my survival. I came into the business with a hunger to learn and a desire to succeed no matter how difficult. The people I worked with saw those key ingredients and were willing to make the exception and work with me to mold me into a journeywoman electrician. I am who I am based upon the guidance of the men who I worked with during my career. I have always felt like I am “one of the guys” on the jobsite. Not all of us who walked a non-traditional path subscribe to the modern movement of bashing men in an effort to appear superior. You might find that some of us are pretty cool chicks.

Now the questions remain unanswered- how much time do you waste trying to get out of a dead end road? Is it worth losing your sanity? Sometimes miserable people are meant to be miserable. Are you required to all follow the same pattern in life to gain mutual satisfaction? Will all parties carry 50/50 of the weight if those lacking rise to the challenge? These are some of many questions my co-host Melissa and I will dive into during our #VerballyDisastrous podcast on #Spotify. Now that you are dizzy from all of the rapid fire questions, please go lie down for a spell. We shall discuss further in detail later…


Leslie M. Jasper

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